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Last updated June 2017


ODAMC Club Photo Gallery


Click here to view the ODAMC Autumn Tour 2011- Photo Gallery (hosted by Flickr)

Click here to view the extract from the Vintage Motor Club magazine for the ODAMC Autumn Tour 2011

Click here to view the ODAMC Photo Gallery (hosted by Google)

(Note: To return to the ODAMC web site after viewing the gallery, click the ‘Back’ button at the top left corner of your browser.)


Submitting photos for inclusion in the Gallery

1. Download the content submission form (as a PDF document) by clicking this text, then save and print it. (Note: If you are unable to read PDF files on your computer, click here to download a free PDF viewer program.)

2. Pencil a name on the back of each photo, including your initials, the month and a number. e.g. John Smith would be JS1102-1, JS1102-2, etc.

3. Write your name on the form, so we know where to return the photos!

4. On the form, for each photo, write the photo name and a caption to accompany it. Please include all the info you can think of, there is enough room for a few lines under each photo in the gallery.

5. Attach the photos to the form with a clip or place the form and photos together into a large envelope and hand to a committee member, who will forward them to the Website Coordinator for inclusion on the gallery.

Your contributions are appreciated and always welcome!