11 October 2012


18 January 2011

    The O.D.A.M.C. wishes you all a happy and prosperous new year! We are also pleased to announce that photo submissions have begun and invite you to visit the Club Photo Gallery. Remember that photos of club events are always welcome, and the more information you can include with the pictures, the better! Please keep them coming and thank you to those who have contributed so far.


17 December 2010

    The ODAMC’s 2011 Autumn Tour will be held from 6-8 May 2011 (see our Club Event Calendar).

    The O.D.A.M.C. welcomes you to its new web site for 2010/11. As we get up to speed, the plan is for this site to be a central point where club activities and information are shared with our members and the wider community. We welcome all submissions from our members and hope that other clubs and enthusiasts will drop in and contribute as well.

Souvenir Guide
Canobolas Country Rally

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